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Autumn / winter tilling
Vegetable gardens and flower beds need good tilling to loosen the soil ready for new planting. This operation should be done at the end of the autumn to avoid having too much to do in spring.

Once the vegetable plot has been cleared of all its plants
we advise three types of tilling:
Every 3 years and before growing vegetables with deep roots: turn over the soil to a good depth, about 30cm minimum (or two spade depths).

Classic digging at a depth of about 20 cm:
spread a good layer of manure on the soil before digging over large sods. Frost and the thaw will take care of breaking them up.

Light digging at a depth of 10 to 15 cm:
this allows you to eliminate weeds and dig in any sand, peat etc. that your soil needs.
Light digging of flower beds:
At the same time spread a bed of enriched compost, which will encourage root development during the winter and give more beautiful plants afterwards. If the weather is very cold, cover perennials with a layer of straw.